Preparation Tips For The Bpsc Exam

Sarkari Naukri, or government positions, have traditionally been highly sought after in India because of the security, prestige, and advantages they provide their employees. To fill open positions in the state government, the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) administers a number of competitive examinations each year. 

Exam preparation for the BPSC calls for forethought, organization, and familiarity with both the content covered and the format of the test itself. To do well on these tests, aspirants need to study not just the content they will be tested on, but also general knowledge, current events, and subject matter that is relevant to their chosen area.

Getting a Sarkari Naukri through BPSC may be difficult in today’s times of intense competition if you only rely on conventional study techniques. To stand out in today’s exam climate, students need to use innovative study methods and take advantage of state-of-the-art tools. 

Anyone hoping to pass the BPSC exams and land a government job in Bihar will find helpful information and advice in this post. We’ll talk about how to study effectively, where to look for materials, how to divide up your time, and how to keep yourself motivated throughout the process.

Example Pattern For The Bpsc Exam

Exam structure and content for the BPSC should be familiar ground before you begin studying. The BPSC exam consists of a practice test, the real exam, and an interview.

Exam Format For The Bpsc Entrance Exam

The first step of the BPSC examination procedure is the Preliminary Examination. General Studies is a single-paper objective type with multiple-choice questions. SL. Zero Documentation Duration Quantity of Queries Overall Score Question Format 1, Overarching Studies 120-minutes, 150-Question Exam There are a total of 150 multiple-choice questions (Obj. Please be aware that you will lose 0.25 points for every incorrect answer.

Main Exam Format For The Bpsc

After passing the BPSC Preliminary Examination, candidates must then take the BPSC Main Examination. There are a total of five papers on this written test. Both the mandatory Hindi Paper and the elective essay are highly interpretive. When completing your application, you will be asked to submit an optional paper on one of 34 different topics. 

Exam takers will be graded on a scale of 900 instead of the full 1100 possible points. Type of Paper Number of Pages Overall Score Question Format Attempt 1: General Hindi (Required, 30% Minimum) 300 points in 3 hours Subjective #2 General Knowledge Exam 1 Three Hours Three Hundred Points Exam #3, General Studies, Part 2: Three Hours, Three Hundred Marks 04-37 Subjective Qualification Exam Paper (Multiple Choice) 300 points in 3 hours Objective

Bpsc Interrogation

The BPSC interview is the final phase of the testing procedure. Those who perform well enough on the Preliminary Exam are invited to the Personal Interview. The purpose of the individual interview is to evaluate an applicant’s character and interpersonal skills. There is a maximum of 120 points available in the Personal Interview.

Curriculum For The Bpsc Exam

In 2023, subjects like General Studies, General Knowledge, History, Geography, Economics, Politics, and Current Affairs will be on the BPSC curriculum. New developments and trends in these areas will be reflected in the articles covered here. The BPSC exam outline for 2023 is provided here.

Exam Outline For The Practice Test

The Indian government and economy; the history of India and the state of Bihar; the geography of India and Bihar; general science; environmental and ecological concerns; current events; and the arts, literature, sports, literary awards, books, and authors of India.

Primary Exam Outline

Essay, Grammar, and Comprehension Skills in General Hindi.

Essay Topics In General Studies

General Science, Indian History and Geography, Indian and Bihari Politics and Economics, Indian and Bihari Geography, and more.

Exam II In General Studies

Topics in International Relations, Ecology, Ethics, World Events, etc.

Paper I Is An Option

Fields of study such as history, economics, politics, geography, psychology, sociology, and so on.


Those who perform well enough on the main exam will be invited to an interview. Candidates’ character and qualifications for the position are discussed during the interview. Current events, general knowledge, and the candidate’s history are all fair game for the interview panel.

Study Tips For The Bpsc Exam

Make A Game Plan For The Bpsc Exam

As with any other exam, the BPSC exam preparation requires careful planning. The best way to prepare for the BPSC exam is to first examine the exam’s format, outline of material covered, and sample questions from prior years. Time should be allotted for each section of the course. Do your best to stick to the study schedule you create. Be thorough, and don’t forget to review previously covered material.

Examining Bpsc Exam Papers From Past Years

Examining sample questions from prior years’ BPSC exams is a great approach to get ready for this year’s test. Even if the format and content of the BPSC exam are the same from year to year, the test’s difficulty and question distribution are likely to change. You can get a feel for the BPSC exam’s format, question distribution, and overall difficulty by working through sample questions from years past. It will also help you prepare for the format of the exam’s questions.

Study Books For The Bpsc Exam

There are a number of books on the market that might assist you in getting ready for the BPSC test. Select books carefully, and use only those that fully address the course material. Online study resources and notes are widely available and can be a great help.

Prepare For The Bpsc Exam With Online Courses

One of the best methods to be ready for the BPSC tests is to enroll in an online course. The complete curriculum is addressed in these carefully crafted courses. Saving time and allowing for flexible exam preparation are two major benefits of taking classes online.

Keep Abreast Of Recent Events

The BPSC test places heavy emphasis on General Studies. Keeping up of current events will serve you well as you study for this section. Read the paper, watch the news, and follow news outlets on social media often. You can use this to keep up with what’s happening in the world and in the country.

Accentuate The Negative

The onus is on the candidate to recognize their own areas for growth. They can improve their exam scores by reviewing the material they need more help with.

Keep A Good Attitude And Confidence 

Exams administered by the BPSC are not easy and demand a lot of preparation. Candidates need to believe in themselves and their talents throughout the preparation process.

Make Frequent Edits

Learning is easily forgotten without regular review. Create a routine of consistent studying. Make flashcards and study notes to help you quickly review material. Examine as many as you can from the year before and try to solve them. This will give you a feel for the exam’s question format and help you prepare accordingly.

Taking Care Of One’s Health

The most crucial consideration is safeguarding your physical and emotional wellness. Never give up on having a good time. Get away from your hectic schedule and give your mind a much-needed break.


It takes hard work and organization to succeed on the BPSC in the Sarkari Naukri test. Successful candidates will have a firm grasp of course content, will be up-to-date on relevant events, and will make effective use of educational technology. Smart scheduling and consistent practice are essential for doing well on these high-stakes exams. 

Those that keep their spirits up and keep going will eventually reach their goal, no matter how difficult the path ahead may be. Candidates who are willing to put in the time and effort necessary can pursue a career in government through BPSC, which may lead to a stable and financially rewarding position.

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